Alberta Parkland Waterfowl Professionals Inc. (APWP) is a registered corporation and a licensed Outfitter/Guide waterfowl hunting business. All the Guides are licensed with Alberta Professional Outfitters Society and all guides, scouts and helping hands sign contracts with APWP so they clearly understand their job responsibilities. APWP guarantees all its employees and contractors work to the highest principals, professionalism and ethical standards to ensure you, the hunter, have one of the most fantastic waterfowling experiences of your life.

APWP operates in the heart of Alberta’s Parkland. The Parkland region is one of Alberta's richest agricultural regions. It is the transition between the grasslands and forest offering a rich and varied scenery.

With a moister climate than the grassland regions to the south, small streams and wetlands abound; bluffs and aspen and balsam poplar offer shelter and the rich black soil offers a checkerboard of crop land. The rolling terrain and abundant sloughs sustain large numbers of nesting waterfowl. The many lakes and major rivers running through the region are holding water for the large migrations and stay open long into the winter climate ensuring large numbers of birds remain in the region.

The season opens September 1 with hunting for the local ducks and geese, mostly mallards, pintails and greater Canadian geese. A few weeks into the season and the migrators start rolling in with fully fledged ducks, speckle belly or white fronted geese, snow and Ross geese and lesser Canadians. If you enjoy the cooler weather later in the season the lakes and rivers contain huge concentrations of migrators and hunting is at its finest with the possibility to fill your limit on both ducks and geese on every hunt.

Join APWP this season and enjoy Alberta waterfowling at its finest; an experience you will tell your sons and grandsons!


Your host David Fishley has a passion for everything outdoors. He is an avid hunter for big game, varmints, upland birds and especially ducks and geese. He believes that great dogs belong on every hunt and has been very successful with his Labrador retrievers on the field trial circuit and Canadian Nationals. With over 45 years of trying to figure out how to make it work, David has spent considerable time mastering the waterfowl sport. Through talented calling, impressive dog work, a keen eye with a shotgun and an in-depth understanding of how to make the birds work, he puts on remarkable hunts. The comradery of the sport is very important to him and he works hard to make his clients comfortable and create fond memories.

“As young as I can remember all I wanted for Christmas was a holster and a six-shooter cap gun. I’d stand in front of the mirror with my cowboy hat on and try to outdraw myself.

When hunting season started I’d trudge behind my Dad down prairie trails and fence rows flushing upland birds. He carried a single shot 12ga that I dreamed of shooting. My first gun was a pump shotgun and after school we’d take the car and go jump-shooting prairie potholes. Then we’d sit around a fire in the backyard and retell the hunt over and over.”

David has over 10 years professional waterfowl guiding and it wasn’t a far stretch for him to establish Alberta Parkland Waterfowl Professionals. With a past career in residential and commercial land development managing multi-million-dollar projects, he operates APWP to the same demanding standards to achieve outstanding success. He expects the utmost in ethical hunting, professional conduct and personable character from his crew of guides and scouts. Including a 5-star lodge and a hunting concession in the heart of the migratory flyway each hunt is a new experience waiting to happen.

“A hunt with David is about great scouting, positive land owner relations, outstanding calling and championship dog exhibition. In a nut shell it is an outing that results with a successful hunt and lasting memories.”- Ted Carruthers, Calgary AB

“I have hunted with David Fishley for several years, he has always been a true professional and has great quality hunting! He has excellent dogs that are just fantastic to watch work in the field. Our group that comes to Canada for waterfowl hunting always enjoys hunting with David and plan to hunt again with him in September! Give him a try, you will not be disappointed!”- Woody Sigmin, Germantown, TN

"David has become a very good friend, fellow dog trainer and hunting companion over the many years I’ve had the pleasure to hunt with him. He has a passion for bird hunting and the outdoors which I share. He is always very generous with his knowledge and time. He taught me how to be a better goose hunter; how to call geese effectively, how to look for bird responses and how to take advantage of these techniques for a successful hunt.

He has always made me feel that I was a part of the group and I never felt that being a woman made me anything different than one of the ‘guys’. Spending a day with David is truly an enjoyable outdoor experience that I enjoy every time we hunt together.”- Collette Prefontaine, Didsbury AB

“David and I have hunted together many times over the years and his knowledge of waterfowl is second to none. From the set up to post hunt drinks with David’s home brewed beer, he is a great host and a great guide. He has 2 championship retrievers and you won’t find better dogs to hunt with. I would definitely recommend hunting with David and Alberta Parkland Waterfowl Professionals.”- Dustin Pate, South Carolina

“I’ve hunted with David Fishley several times over the past few years and it has always been an excellent experience. He’s a true professional with world class dogs that are a joy to watch. The hunting has always been a lifetime experience and the hospitality is over the top. I plan to hunt again with him this September. If you want to enjoy Canada’s waterfowl hunting at its finest then I strongly encourage you to book a hunt with David. You will not be disappointed.”- Mark Payne, Germantown, TN

“We have hunted with David and his crew for 4 seasons. His accommodations are spectacular and the waterfowl resource in his area is outstanding. Every day he puts us on the X and the action is non-stop. He runs his camp as a professional businessman and has met every request we’ve made. I highly recommend Alberta Parkland Waterfowl Professionals. We will be there for the 2019 season.”- Thomas Gilford, San Antonio, TX

“Alberta waterfowl hunting was on our groups bucket list and David fulfilled that dream. From the accommodations, the hunts, upstanding personable guides and scouts and a cook to beat none. We’ve been coming every year since and will be there again this year.”- Gill Lorenzo, Camarillo, CA


  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded
  • Our hunting rates are all inclusive – no hidden costs
  • Season runs from September 1 to November 9
  • 3 or 6 day hunts available
  • We accept groups of 1 – 12 hunters
  • Groups of 9 hunters can take the full camp
  • Hunters under 17 hunt FREE
  • We hunt over crop fields and water
  • Trained retriever dogs are welcome
  • Limit of 8 geese, 8 ducks and 50 snow geese per day

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